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History and establishment

Elektro Sochor spol. s r. o.-ŠMERAL Group is a subsidiary of ŠMERAL Brno, a.s., which bacame famous by production of castings, later production of Kaplan turbines and since 1925 production of forming machines.
Our company independent history dates back from September 30, 1994.
Company Elektro Sochor spol. s r.o. - ŠMERAL Group is registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, File 16727.

Production program

Complex supplier activities in the field of manual, semi-automatic and automatic forming lines and robotized workplaces
Design and production of atypical machine equipment included in the line
Design and production of mechanized and automated nodes for forging shops and pressing shops
General overhauls of forming machines according to Statutory Order No. 378/2001 Coll.
Electrical and electronic equipment
Electrical maintenance and repairs


Production department

Assembly of automatic lines and robotized workplaces
Mechanization and automation of forging shops and pressing shops
General overhauls of forming machines
Electrical and electronic equipment
Electrical maintenance and repairs

Technical department

Development, general overhauls and medium repairs of electrical equipment of forming machines
Design of automation technology for kontrol of production process and technological units
Development of electrical equipment of production machines according to the customer´s order
Modernization of original relay wiring and replacement by control systems
Electrical consultancy in the field of forming technology
Documentation processing according to the customer´s request

SW production department

Production of PLC software
System of complex visualization for forming machines
Simulation of robotized workplaces
Robot positioning and programming
Software production for servo drives 

Development of electronic device

Embedded device and applications for presses based on single chip microprocessors
Forcemeters for presses
Temperature monitoring of switchboards 

Important milestones

2015 Complete robotization of forging line 4000t with 25 robots, the biggest forging line in Europe  
2014 Development, production of robotized workplace of forging rolls with two synchronized torque motors on machine and synchronized compensatores carried by robots  
2009 Automatic forming line with 9 robots 
2007 Development, production of electronically controlled hydraulic ejectors of preses with high speed and positioning accuracy  
2004 Development, assembly and commissioning of portal loader  
 Extention of activities by machine design and machine production
2003 Use of control with two synchronized torque motors on a cross wedge rolling machine
2002 Development of a forcemeter for forming force measurement on the principle of piezoelectric charge sensors 
2000 Quality management system ČSN EN ISO 9001 
1997 The first komplex control system of forming line 
1996 The first press using control system 
  Implementation of our own devices for forming technology production
1995 The first machine with electromechanical control with CE certificate